Realty-Pro Management Give Owners Instant Access on Demand!

The owner portal aims to give you the same visibility that you’ve come to expect for tracking your stock portfolios online. Realty-Pro’s Owner Portals provide secure, instant access to investment property performance.

Track Conversations with Us

Gain time by accessing and viewing your property portfolio information online at your convenience instead of calling or emailing our office. Don’t risk losing important communications in your email inbox or on hand written notes. Realty-Pro’s Owner Portals allow you to communicate with Realty-Pro staff from one centralized location that’s available to you from any web browser or Internet enabled smart phone. Both owners and management staff will automatically be notified via email when new comments are added to a conversation stream. More importantly, all these conversations are automatically stored on the owner’s portfolio for future reference.

Offer Real-Time Reporting

We offer you visibility into the performance of your investment properties by allowing you to view real-time reports from this Owner Portal. Our reports can be published into the Owner Portal where you can view on-demand! You can even choose your preferred statement format and see it published online each time we share it with you.