We serve several distinct types of owners with very specific needs;

1.) Small Residential Property Investors

Many small building owners start out looking after their properties themselves. But when it takes too much of your time, or your vacancy rate is too high, or your losses to non-payment or damage are starting to mount, it is time to get help.

Professional management is not an expense, it is an investment in lower costs, and higher returns, making your property worth more, not to mention the peace of mind. (Find out more)

2.) Single Family Home Owners

In the end, when it can make sense to renting out your home your greatest challenge is finding a tenant who will not only pay rent on time, but also respect your home and take good care of it. This is where we come in.

Realty-Pro will advertise, show and carefully check and qualify your tenant, then tailor a lease to suit and protect you. We take care of your home while you are not there. Our modest fee is a small price, to protect a big investment, and give you peace of mind. (Find out more)

3.) Condominium Corporations

Finding a management  company to protect and maintain your investment is one thing. Finding a company   that will do an excellent job and save you money, is another. If you are not  benefiting from the savings brought about by new technology, you may be paying too much. (Find out more)

4.) Banks & Trust Company’s

When banks and trust companies take possession of a property, it is seldom under the best of circumstances. Often the property is suffering from deferred maintenance and poor tenant controls, yet the institution is still responsible to the mortgagor and any subsequent mortgagees, to protect their interests.

When you repossess real property, call Realty-Pro. We will take complete charge. From servings, lock changing, repairs, maintenance, retrofit, to evictions and re-renting. A well run, attractive property will sell for the best price, giving you maximum recovery. Whether for a month or for years, a house or a high-rise, we do it all and at our regular fee. (Find out more)