Finding a management company to protect and maintain your investment is one thing. Finding a company that will do an excellent job and save you money, is another. If you are not benefiting from the savings brought about by new technology, you may be paying too much.

Realty-Pro understands that your Condominium is not only your home but also a major investment to be protected and maintained.

Major Responsibility

Acting as a board member and guiding the fortunes of your Condominium Corporation is a major responsibility. One of the most important decisions is the choice of manager. With over 25 years experience in residential property management, Realty-Pro, as the name implies, is a professional real estate management company, run by graduates of the Canadian Condominium Institute’s, Property Management Course and capable of providing the highest quality service to your Condominium Corporation at the lowest possible cost.

The ‘5’ Elements

Effective management involves five key areas, they are the upkeep and repair of the physical elements, the legal requirements as set out in the rules and regulations, the administration of all records and correspondence, the proper maintenance of all financial records and the unique challenge of dealing with people through public relations.

  1. Legal
    The implementation and enforcement of the rules and regulations and conformity to the condominiums by-laws and declaration. The maintenance of proper insurance coverage. This keeps the corporation operating safely and smoothly.
  2. Financial
    The preparation of the annual budget, collection of all monies due under the declaration and by-laws, maintenance of a separate trust account on behalf of the corporation, timely notification of delinquent owners, payment of operating accounts, financial scheduling of maintenance, preparation of detailed monthly statement to maintain accurate financial records.
  3. The Physical Structure
    The ongoing upkeep, repair, replacement and maintenance of the building and grounds. This protects the value of your asset.
  4. Administration
    The documentation of all notices to owners and tenants. The notification to all owners of change to the by-laws or rules. Maintenance of accurate records of all income and expenses, the provision of 24 hour emergency access, the maintenance of all other records to keep the board informed.
  5. Business Relations
    The unique challenge of dealing with many separate owners, keeping them advised of changes, and scheduling repairs and maintenance so as to create the least inconvenience. Dealing with owners concerns, mortgage and insurance representatives, city, zoning and fire officials to maintain cooperation and harmony.

Real-time Integrated Management Systems

Utilizing the latest technology, we are able to provide superb service at a remarkably low fee. We believe that when we save time and money through the use of new systems then we should pass these savings on to our clients.

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