When you have owned your home for a number of years and watched with satisfaction as your property appreciates in value and your equity rises, it makes sense to consider buying a second home to rent out. Sometimes other circumstances arise such as ;

  • A temporary work transfer to another town,
  • You have bought another home and your current home doesn’t sell at your price
  • You are transferred abroad



Common Concerns

Whatever your reasons for renting your property, it is natural to have concerns. Will the tenants take good care of my home Will they pay their rent on time? With Realty-Pro looking after your rental situation you need never worry again.

Tenant Selection Systems

Realty Pro will advertise, filter all calls, carefully screen appropriate applicants, show only to qualified persons, take applications, confirm employment and all other information, as well as check previous landlords, then tailor a lease to protect you. Then we monitor the tenancy, inspect regularly, and act immediately should unforeseen circumstances arise. We also have 24 hour call monitoring, in case of emergencies, and the experienced staff to handle small repairs and maintenance chores according to your instructions. Our modest tax deductible fee is a small price to protect a big investment.

We can also look after vacant homes while the owner is away for a few days or months.

The Management of Residential Property Involves Many Areas;

  1. Legal
    The proper use of applications, leases and notices to protect the owner, as well as appropriate legal forms pertaining to the Tenant Protection Act and timely rent increase notices to protect the cash flow.
  2. Financial
    The collection of rents, timely pursuit of delinquent accounts, payment of operating expenses, financial scheduling of maintenance, preparation of detailed monthly statements to ensure maximum income and reduce taxes.
  3. Administration
    The checking of references, preparing leases, scheduling of maintenance, reporting income and expenses monthly, the provision of 24 hour emergency access, the maintenance of all other records to keep you informed.
  4. The Physical Structure
    The ongoing upkeep, repair, replacement and maintenance of the building and grounds. This protects the value of your asset.
  5. Business Relations
    Advertising and showing units, dealing with tenants concerns, mortgage and insurance representatives, city, zoning, tax and fire officials, landlord and tenant court work and rent control regulations, for trouble free operation.

Realty-Pro understands your concerns and has the expertise and experience to take the worry out of renting for you.


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