Realty-Pro knows that you buy small residential income properties for profit and financial security. Our priority is always your bottom line.

Professional management is not an expense, it is an investment in lower costs, and higher returns, making your property worth more.


The Management of Income Property Involves Many Areas;

  1. Legal
    Using property applications, leases, notices, to protect the owner, as well as legal forms pertaining to the Tenant Protection Act and timely rent increase notices to protect the cash flow.
  2. Financial
    The collection of rents, timely pursuit of delinquent accounts, financial scheduling of maintenance, preparation of detailed monthly statements for tax use.
  3. Administration
    The checking of references, preparing the leases, scheduling maintenance, reporting income and expenses monthly, the provision of 24 hour emergency access, the keeping of all other records.
  4. The Physical Structure
    The ongoing upkeep, repair, replacement and maintenance of the building, systems and grounds. This protects the value of your asset.
  5. Business Relations
    Dealing with tenants concerns, mortgage and insurance representatives, city, zoning, tax and fire officials, landlord and tenant court work and rent control regulations.

Income and Expenses

With income properties it is important to remember that all of your revenue, and therefore all of your profit, comes from one source, your tenants. At the same time, all of your expenses are caused directly and indirectly by those same tenants. Good tenants pay on time, cause minimum wear and tear and when it comes time, give proper notice to allow re-renting without a loss. Poor tenants pay late, or not at all, can cause expensive repairs and legal fees and frequently move suddenly, often leaving a damaged untidy unit behind.

Tenant Selection Systems

Consequently, selecting tenants and tenant relations is of a paramount importance to successful management. Because managing real estate is all we do, we have developed exclusive systems and procedures for every aspect of property management including; applications, screening and leasing procedures which are designed to filter out those less desirable tenants and create an environment more protective for the owner and property.

Maximize and Reduce

Realty-Pro systems are designed to maximize your income by maximizing rent, reducing vacancies, reducing non-payments and reduce wear and tear and keeping expenses to a minimum by careful monitoring, maintaining equipment and offering suggestions for the reduction of operating expenses. As a result the net income after tax is better with Realty-Pro than without.

Maintaining your Asset

Income real estate that is clean, well maintained, attractive and is occupied by respectable, financially responsible tenants on leases, who pay regularly and inflict minimum wear and tear on the property, will always be easier and cheaper to insure, refinance, and eventually sell for the maximum profit.

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